Frequently Asked Questions

How many categories and products ranges are there under Dr Buds Organics?

i) Hair care category – Dandruff Rescue and Hair Loss Rescue
ii) Skin care category – Easy-Clear Rescue (eczema) and Acne Rescue

Why choose Dr Buds Organics?

i) Natural, safe and effective
ii) Certified organic by Ecocert
iii) All products have gone through Safety Assessment in UK in accordance to EU Standard
iv) No harmful chemicals & GMO ingredients
v) Trusted and endorsed by Health Care Professionals

What are the products recommended for eczema skin and how do I use/apply them?

We have the Easy-Clear Rescue range of products to manage eczema. It not only treats but also prevents future flare ups. Kindly see below recommended usage.

  1. Easy-Clear Rescue Soothing Cleanser
    Pump cleanser on palm and lather it with hands. Apply gently on body and face. Rinse well. Pat skin dry after rinsing.
  2. Easy-Clear Rescue Soothing Lotion
    Gently apply the lotion on affected areas, after cleansing and as often as you desire to keep skin soothed and hydrated. This lotion is recommended mild eczema skin conditions as well as for overall maintenance after flare ups. Continue applying even after skin has recovered to keep skin soothed and moisturised at all times.
  3. Easy-Clear Rescue Intensive Cream
    Gently apply the Cream on very dry skin and severely affected spots as often as you desire to keep skin soothed and hydrated. This cream is recommended for severe flare-ups and extremely dry spots/areas of skin.


What is the difference between Easy-Clear Rescue Intensive Cream and Easy-Clear Rescue Soothing Lotion?

Intensive Cream – more potent and oil-based cream to provide extra moisturisation especially when having flare-ups. It has anti-histamine and anti-inflammation properties to calm and soothe the skin and reduce itchiness and inflammation.

Soothing Lotion – to soothe and heal mild eczema as well as to provide overall skin maintenance even after skin has recovered from flare ups.

What are the products recommended for acne skin and how do I use/apply them?

The Acne Rescue range of products are formulated to manage acne problems. It helps to treat and heal existing acne outbreak, as well as to prevent future acne outbreaks.

  1. Mild Cleanser - mild and gentle cleanser that can be used on any skin surface with acne problem (face & body) to remove excessive oil and has antibacterial properties to eliminate acne as well as unclog pores.
  2. Sebum Control Gel - after cleansing, pat dry skin area and apply on entire skin surface to control sebum/oil. This also helps to unclog pores allowing better penetration of nutrients to help skin regeneration.
  3. Acne Control Cream - apply on entire skin surface to exfoliate, soothe inflamed skin and allow regeneration of new skin cell for recovery.


Is there any minimum age to start using Acne Rescue?

As early as teenage stage onwards whom starting to develop acne due to hormonal changes.

Is there any minimum age to use Easy-Clear Rescue?

No age limit as long as they have sensitive and eczema skin, they can use. This range is formulated to be very mild therefore it is suitable even for newborns.

What is the % of salicylic acid that is in the Acne Rescue Cleanser?

The salicylic acid dosage in Acne Rescue Mild Cleanser 300ml is approximately 1%. This means that for every ml, the content of salicylic acid is 0.0033%. Assuming each cleansing usage is about 3ml, hence the amount of salicylic acid is about 0.0099% per wash.

Is Acne Rescue range helpful if the acne outbreak is due to hormonal changes (teenagers, pregnant women, breastfeeding moms)?

Yes, it works safely and effectively as the clinically proven ingredients are from natural and organic sources, and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

What is the 3-steps treatment regime for Dr Buds Hair Care?

i) Cleanse – clean and unclog hair follicles
ii) Condition – nourish the scalp
iii) Nurture – provide vitamin and nutrients to the scalp

How do I use your Hair Care (Dandruff Rescue/Hair Loss Rescue) products?

There are of 3 products namely:

  1. Soothing Shampoo - wash hair and scalp, massage gently and then rinse with clean water.
  2. Soothing Conditioner - starting from the scalp, massage gently and slide through the hair moving towards the ends. Then rinse off thoroughly.
  3. Scalp Serum - dry hair and apply serum onto the scalp then massage gently. It is a leave-on serum. No rinsing is required.


I have sensitive scalp and currently pregnant. Can I use Dr Buds Hair Care products?

Yes, Dr Buds range of products is suitable for sensitive scalp as it contains natural and mild ingredients. It is also safe for pregnant/breastfeeding women because it does not contain any harmful chemicals/GMO ingredients.

I have both hair loss and dandruff problems. Which product should I use?

Dandruff products first - You have to address the dandruff issue first by eliminating the bacteria. Recommend to continuously use it for 3 to 6 months and monitor. If no longer have dandruff, then can switch to Hair Loss products. However if Dandruff reoccurs, recommend to use Dandruff Rescue Soothing Shampoo and Conditioner, mix with Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum.

I do not want to use the entire set. Can I just use the shampoo or the scalp serum only?

As long as you do not mix with other conventional/chemical products it should be fine. However, the result will not be as prominent compared to using the entire set. There might be risks of adverse effect when mixing different products together as we do not know the ingredients in other products.

How long do I have to use Dr Buds Hair Care products to be able see significant results?

Recommended to continue using and follow the steps for a minimum of 3 months or more.

Can I mix with other hair care products or continue with my scalp treatment at hair salon?

We do not recommend as there might be risks of adverse effect when mixing different products with different ingredients together. On top of that, it defeats the purpose of using natural/organic products if the treatment/other products have chemicals.