Not just ‘organic’ but certified organic!

What does it take to be certified by one of the most stringent organic certification organisations in the world?


We choose to be certified because we believe that our consumers deserve our best efforts. ECOCERT conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the world’s largest organic certification organisations. In order for our brand to carry the prestigious ECOCERT marque on our products, we are required to follow very strict production standards for sourcing, storage, processing, packaging, and shipping.


Raw ingredients from the farms are audited by ECOCERT. ECOCERT requires that 95% of the ingredients used in any product be of natural origin, and have stringent restrictions on what is allowed in the remaining 5%. For a product to be certified organic, 95% of the plant ingredients must be of certified organic origin, AND a minimum of 10% of the total product must be organic.


Respect for the environment and community is a major driving force in our development of green chemistry and waste management processes. All our products are biodegradable. Our factory must be certified and in compliance with ECOCERT’s requirements. All our formulations are submitted to ECOCERT for approval before production begins. ECOCERT audits take place biannually


All our packaging is made from toxic and allergen-free materials. Our plastic is recyclable. We do not box most of the products to minise wastage. Our brochures are printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, an earth friendly alternative to recycled paper.

All information and claims on our labels and marketing collaterals must be approved by ECOCERT.


We pledge never to use:

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
Mineral Oils
Petrochemicals PEGs
Artificial Colours
Artificial Fragrances
Ingredients Tested on Animals
Animal Derived Ingredients